Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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Answer: STREET is an explosive equivalency tool distributed by CTTSO and the US Department of Homeland Security Science & Technology Division at no cost to the user.

Answer: STREET provides context-dependent, standoff-sensitive, experimentally derived explosive equivalence values for 148 different explosive materials, providing equivalent weights in terms of either TNT or C-4. This equivalent weight can then be input into the standard blast model of the user’s choice. The tool also provides uncertainty bounds on the estimated equivalence. Where values from published manuals are available, STREET displays this information in addition to the experimentally based results.

Answer: Register as a user by submitting your information on the Registration page. CTTSO will review your information and email a link to the address you provided to download the software.

Answer: The current version of STREET is v 2.0, released in July 2019.

Answer: Yes, we are eager to update STREET with additional equivalence data for all explosive materials, including those currently in the database as well as those not yet included, from any testing agencies world-wide. Please use our Feedback form to contact us if you have or know of equivalence data to include in STREET.